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Black Smoke Music 2017 CD


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Product Description

According to Pugh, his collaboration with Black Smoke represents both a return home and longstanding musical and divine connection. While he and Kerry Douglas agreed to pursue unique opportunities for a period, Pugh always recognized Douglas as an incredible business partner with an unparalleled pulse for radio, retail, marketing and promotions. Pugh first met Douglas in 2007 after a concert at Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD, after Pugh sang a soaring duet with Grammy-nominated vocalist Kelly Price and the Rejoice Choir under the leadership of music producer Keith Williams. This seemingly chance encounter proved itself pivotal, as it became the launching pad for a tremendous body of work. In 2009, Pugh and Douglas released the chart-topping single "Rain On Us." The full CD, also entitled Rain On Us, debuted #2 on Billboard. Within a short four-month period, Douglas and his sons (Douglas Boys Radio Promotions) catapulted the record into the Top 15 on Billboard. Pugh anticipates that with Douglas at the helm, Survive is destined to make gospel music history.

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  • Publisher: Black Smoke Music
  • SKU: 2581_B075JFDK3Q
  • Release Date: Sep 13 2017 12:00AM
  • Binding: CD